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Steeling Innocence. Pt.1

Originally posted on What in the Blue Blazes?!:
Sunlight filtered through the leaves of a large maple tree, spotting the ground with iconic five-point shadows.  Underneath the tree, leaning against the trunk was Ted-Y (pronounced Teddy).  He was transfixed by…

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One Page at a Time: The Cellar Door, Page 5

This is a collaborative story in which you write the next page of the story. It is currently unedited, so please forgive any errors. Fill out the form below and I’ll publish the best response each week.  Jump to newest

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A Writer’s Most Common Mistake and How to Overcome It

Originally posted on the writer's refuge:
At some point every writer makes this mistake; waiting for inspiration. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, or wishful thinking, inspiration doesn’t strike like a lightning bolt. More often, inspiration is generated by “doing…

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Is It Time to Put Night Writing to Bed?

Originally posted on The Write Kit:
Recently I have been thinking about what motivates writers and how old habits can dictate your writing routine. At some point we were all that young writer, scribbling away in bed with nothing but…

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Flash Fiction: “Final Forest Exam”

Originally posted on Mr. Rhapsodist:
You hear a lot about “treehuggers,” but no one ever talks about “predator pals” (no one that I’m aware of, anyway). This is a prequel to “The Doctor and the Druid” and a sequel to…

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The Barrow

Originally posted on The Best Place By The Fire:
The barrow loomed black against the bluish grey of the evening sky. Herrin, Tryls and Mirra paused to look up at it. “They say it’s haunted, you know,” Herrin said conversationally.…

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Advice from Robert J. Sawyer

Some great advice from a thirty-year veteran of science fiction writing, Robert J. Sawyer’s blog is a treasure trove of helpful suggestions. You can find the link to his blog and many other great sites in our Writers Resources section in

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Writing process: The editing phase

Originally posted on Michelle M. Welch:
I’ve been doing line edits in preparation for publishing a new two-book series, a project for which I’ve given myself the very scary deadline of July 26. It’s much, much too late for me…

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Jero the Magehunter

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Kurt Vonnegut on how to write a short story

Taken from: Vonnegut, Kurt. Bagombo Snuff Box: Uncollected Short Fiction. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1999. Print.

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