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Save Draft

Save often, especially before selecting another button or hypertext. This will not publish a post or make it publicly visible. Your post will be autosaved every few minutes.


This will preview your post in a new window. Always check your formatting before publishing.


Select edit to change. Choices are Draft and Pending Review. This may vary depending on your site privileges.


Public by default. Select edit to change. You can select Public, Private (only you and the administrator can see it), or Password protected (You will be asked for a password. Don’t forget it.) Do not make posts sticky without speaking to the administrator.

Publish (Schedule)

Set to publish immediately by default. Select edit to change. You can set the date and time you want to publish. Your post will not be published until someone visits the site forcing it to update. This may delay scheduled posts by several minutes.

Try to schedule posts for when readers are online. Check your reader and social media to find out when your target audience is most active. (e.g. For North America, traffic peaks between 11am and 2 pm ET and again in early evening. Traffic will drop off Friday night until Monday morning, especially in the summer.)


When you publish, links will automatically be pushed to the Foil & Phaser Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you do not want to publicize, select edit and then deselect the appropriate checkboxes. You can also change the message by selecting edit and then filling in the textbox. Do not delete the link. There is a character count in the top right corner. Don’t exceed 140 characters if you are sending the message to Twitter. You can add hashtags to increase your visibility. Facebook now supports hashtags. Select Hide to close the window.

Move to Trash

This will move your post to the trash folder. It can be restored from Dashboard/Posts/All Posts and select Trash from the line near the top. Hover over the post and select Restore.

Publish / Schedule / Update

  • If this button is toggled to Publish, selecting this will publish the post, including sending out emails to subscribers and post to Facebook and Twitter.
  • If this button is toggled to Schedule, selecting this will place the post in a queue and it will be published at the specified time. You may change the schedule date afterwards. If you change the date to a time that has already passed, the post will publish immediately. Your visibility on the WordPress Reader may be affected if you do that.
  • You may still edit the post once it has been published if you have author privileges or higher. Select Update to apply any changes you have made.


Select the most appropriate categories from the list. For example, if you publish a fantasy short story, select Fiction, Short Story, and Fantasy. By selecting these categories, the post will automatically be sorted to the submenus in the secondary toolbar. If your post does not fit into one of these descriptions, or if you think of any we have missed, please contact the administrator.


Tags are used to help enable searches. Using the appropriate tags can help draw readers to your post. Select the “Choose from the most used tags” link and then click on any applicable tags there. Please add The Foil & Phaser tag to all of your posts. If you do not see the tag you want you may add it to your post. Do not add more than about ten tags in total, or you may be kicked off the Reader, reducing your exposure.

Featured Image

Please refer to the General Formatting page for instructions on using images.

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