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  1. Visitors – Anyone may read and comment on a public post. All first time commenters will need to be approved by a site moderator, but after that they may comment freely. Please see the Terms of Use for guidelines on appropriate content. Some post will be password protected. You will need the permission of the author to view them.
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  3. Workshop Member – Some authors will make requests for participants in writing workshops or ask for readers, editors, or others with specialized knowledge. Members of the public can apply by email directly to the Workshop Leader (see below) to join. Be advised that your email address may need to be shared with other members of the group.
  4. Guest Writer – For those who want to post but don’t have the time to make a commitment, you may submit a post to the administrator. If it is accepted, we will format and post it for you. You will not have the option to post privately and you will not have a biography published under our Featured Authors section..
  5. Contributor – Those wishing to make their own posts will start at the level of contributor. They may compose and submit posts but they will still require moderator approval before being published.
  6. Author – Once contributors have demonstrated that they are capable of operating without supervision, their status will be promoted. Authors are able to compose, edit, publish, and delete their own posts, and may add pictures at their own discretion. Each author will also have a personal profile published on the site.
  7. Workshop Leader – Registered authors may choose to become Workshop Leaders by creating a post soliciting for Workshop Members. Workshops include but are not limited to collaborations, instructional seminars, brainstorming, and requests for aid or evaluation. Workshop leaders are responsible for creating, monitoring, and moderating their group.
  8. Moderator and Administrator – Designated individuals will be responsible for website maintenance, comment and post moderation, and tag and category management. Such persons will be selected by the Administrator as needed.
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April 2021