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Why Is The Media Ignoring Author Exploitation By Publishers?

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Regarding Divide and Conquer Ebook on Amazon

Because of the nature of Amazon’s business model, it is difficult to publish free books and Creative Commons licensed material directly for the Kindle market. This is one of those unfortunate instances where the business and creative communities are in

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News and Views: A Random Smattering

There were a few publishing stories in the news this week, but nothing which I had any strong opinions about. Although some of the readership may feel more strongly about things than me so I’ll briefly discuss them up here

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News and Views: Barnes and Noble

I was bite by the “I’m too busy” bug the last couple of weeks and haven’t had time to put up a News and Views article, but hopefully you’ll all forgive me as I attempt to get back into the

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Online Writing: Why We Need It

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Apple Found Guilty of Price Fixing

On Wednesday morning, Judge Denise Cote issued her ruling against Apple in the ebook price fixing trial. Deciding that Apple acted in violation of United States antitrust laws when it entered into agreements with five of the biggest book publishers

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Kindle Worlds went live this week

Kindle Worlds, Amazon’s self-publishing market for fan fiction went live earlier this week. The idea is to allow authors of fan fiction to publish their stories via the existing epublishing model established on Amazon for original works of fiction. However,

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eBook Price Fixing Trial

The price setting trial against Apple and five of the Big Six Publishers had its closing arguments earlier this week. This being a writing and reading community, I was curious what your opinions were on the trial. In case you

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