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Describli is now in beta

The writer prompt and word gaming site has entered its second round of beta testing and is currently accepting new members. We wrote about Describli in March and the site has continued work to put together a unique and interesting experience

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John August’s advice on How To Write A Scene

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Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language

A comprehensive list of body language and the emotions it conveys. Click the link for more. Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language (via Writers Write) If you have any helpful writers resources you’d like to share, you can add them to

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Why Is The Media Ignoring Author Exploitation By Publishers?

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Storium (Beta)

Storium is a successful Kickstarter project which aims to merge creative writing with the mechanics of interactive gameplay. Each team of players works together on a collaborative story using a set of virtual cards as both plot devices and character outlines. The

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Describli, A New Social Media Network for Writers, Is Now In Beta

Describli is a new social media network and community for writers and readers alike. Founded by Laura Fredericks, the site aims to let authors connect with a following while concentrating on their writing. Prompts, games, and sharing tools let you develop

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Regarding Divide and Conquer Ebook on Amazon

Because of the nature of Amazon’s business model, it is difficult to publish free books and Creative Commons licensed material directly for the Kindle market. This is one of those unfortunate instances where the business and creative communities are in

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Writing Tips: Details: Fantasy Transportation (Guest Post – Charles E. Yallowitz)

Originally posted on Shannon A Thompson:
Shannon, here, for an introduction:  If you checked out my last post, then you know about my new series: “Writing Tips: Details: ____.” I will be periodically posting about the little things – how…

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Make it Real: Building Diversity in Fiction

Originally posted on Novel Conclusions:
Colourful Army by Maistora via Flickr Traveling over the holidays has gotten me thinking a lot about diversity.  Everywhere you go, the people are different and diverse and represent different parts of the country in a…

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NaNoWriMo Roundup: Seasoned Authors Share their Secrets

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
At the stroke of midnight tonight, aspiring writers everywhere will take a deep breath. One second later, their blank screens won’t be blank any longer — for quite a while. November 1st marks the…

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