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Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language

A comprehensive list of body language and the emotions it conveys. Click the link for more. Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language (via Writers Write) If you have any helpful writers resources you’d like to share, you can add them to

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Foil and Phaser Wiki

As part of the ongoing effort to improve this blog,  we’ve decide to move the Writers Resources section to its own wiki. The new Foil and Phaser Wiki allows the links to be better organized and formatted. But more importantly, as a

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Storium (Beta)

Storium is a successful Kickstarter project which aims to merge creative writing with the mechanics of interactive gameplay. Each team of players works together on a collaborative story using a set of virtual cards as both plot devices and character outlines. The

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Describli, A New Social Media Network for Writers, Is Now In Beta

Describli is a new social media network and community for writers and readers alike. Founded by Laura Fredericks, the site aims to let authors connect with a following while concentrating on their writing. Prompts, games, and sharing tools let you develop

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Upcoming Changes to Foil & Phaser Workshops

Hello everyone. This message is to inform you of some of the changes that will be happening to Foil & Phaser workshops in 2014. I’ve worked at a few different volunteer positions and they’ve always had the same problem. While

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Creative Writing Courses Available from ITunesU

Apple’s iTunesU has many courses available for aspiring writers. These free online courses offer writing advice from dozens of authors and academics. There are hundreds of hours of video and audio lectures, as well as free books and other materials.

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Advice from Robert J. Sawyer

Some great advice from a thirty-year veteran of science fiction writing, Robert J. Sawyer’s blog is a treasure trove of helpful suggestions. You can find the link to his blog and many other great sites in our Writers Resources section in

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Weekly Writing Challenge: The Best Medicine

For those who don’t know, The Daily Post from offers daily and weekly writing prompts. While primarily for bloggers, you never know what will stimulate you imagination. You can follow The Daily Post by email, RSS, or through you

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Short fiction markets and small press links

Paying Short Fiction and Small/Indie Press Markets These links are going to be added to the resources menu sometime in the not too distant future, but until then enjoy. This list does not represent a complete list of paying short

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Writers Wanted for Workshop

We are looking for writers to take part in an online writers workshop. Participants will submit a short story or novel chapter for criticism and the members of the group will be given one week to submit their in-depth responses.

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