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John August’s advice on How To Write A Scene

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Writing Tips: Details: Fantasy Transportation (Guest Post – Charles E. Yallowitz)

Originally posted on Shannon A Thompson:
Shannon, here, for an introduction:  If you checked out my last post, then you know about my new series: “Writing Tips: Details: ____.” I will be periodically posting about the little things – how…

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Make it Real: Building Diversity in Fiction

Originally posted on Novel Conclusions:
Colourful Army by Maistora via Flickr Traveling over the holidays has gotten me thinking a lot about diversity.  Everywhere you go, the people are different and diverse and represent different parts of the country in a…

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NaNoWriMo Roundup: Seasoned Authors Share their Secrets

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
At the stroke of midnight tonight, aspiring writers everywhere will take a deep breath. One second later, their blank screens won’t be blank any longer — for quite a while. November 1st marks the…

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The Reality of the Fantasy: How Swords and Armor Really Work

Originally posted on Dreams of the Shining Horizon:
I’ve been a fan of fantasy fiction since I was a kid.  Starting at about twelve, I collected everything Tolkien-related I could afford.  I read my copies of the primary trilogy and…

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Quick and Dirty World-Building

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Learning How to Deal with Rejection

Originally posted on Writing Tips from Creative Writing Institute:
You’re Not Alone by Deborah Owen Creative writers have a hard time dealing with criticism – constructive or otherwise. After all, our written words are our babies, and how dare anyone…

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A Few Thoughts on Rejection

As the anthology deadline approaches, here is a post from the other side of the fence.

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Online Writing: Why We Need It

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The Only Real Advice You Can Give Anyone Is To Keep Writing ~ David Sedaris

Originally posted on Darker Temptations:
1. Keep the drama on the page. I first heard this writing advice from a woman in a Writing Marathon Group. Essentially, the lesson here is to not let your life get so bogged down…

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