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Writers Wanted for Workshop

We are looking for writers to take part in an online writers workshop. Participants will submit a short story or novel chapter for criticism and the members of the group will be given one week to submit their in-depth responses.

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Kindle Worlds went live this week

Kindle Worlds, Amazon’s self-publishing market for fan fiction went live earlier this week. The idea is to allow authors of fan fiction to publish their stories via the existing epublishing model established on Amazon for original works of fiction. However,

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Writers Wanted for Collaboration

This is a Foil & Phaser Workshop. We are looking for writers to take part in a serial collaboration, similar to the one discussed on the Goodreads forums here. Each author would be responsible for writing a section of text

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Site News: Poll Results and Regular Features

Poll Results In the “What Do You Want From This Blog?” poll results, the most popular choices were getting writing advice and feedback. We’ve already had a couple of excellent articles from our authors, and we have expanded our Writers

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Ray Bradbury on Writing Persistently

Just a bit of inspiration for everyone who will be huddled in front of a computer screen this weekend.  

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Writers Resources: S&L Interview Quick Guide

The Sword & Laser Interview Quick¬†Guide on Foil & Phaser, located under the menu heading Writers Resources, now has listings of every interview ever done on Sword & Laser, both in audio and video, sorted by guest. If you’re looking

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Tips and Tricks for Using Science in Fiction

When writing fiction, an author will often wish to include science, scientific concepts, or other facts and ideas drawn from the real world. Sometimes this works to the author’s advantage, sometimes it falls flat. In this article I will discuss

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This is a 5700-word short story from a collection I plan to eventually self-publish. I’ve edited it too many times to see the words anymore. They all sort of blur together. I would appreciate any feedback I could get from

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Sword & Laser Podcast #134: An Interview with Gene Wolfe

Because Veronica Belmont is on vacation, the wrap-up for Among Others is delayed until next week. Hopefully she took some of our anthology submissions to read in her lounge chair on the beach. However there is still a podcast today

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Foil & Phaser is now on Tumblr

Just a quick announcement. All posts from the blog will now be automatically pushed to our Tumblr at, so if you prefer that format you can follow the blog from there. Tumbler also allows users to submit their own posts

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