Writing process: The editing phase

Michelle M. Welch

I’ve been doing line edits in preparation for publishing a new two-book series, a project for which I’ve given myself the very scary deadline of July 26. It’s much, much too late for me to be doing the amount of editing that I am, but the process is revealing some interesting things about the writing and editing process.

Here’s how the process works in traditional publishing:
1. You write the manuscript, do whatever editing you feel like on it, and turn it in to your editor.
2. Your editor sends you feedback in the form of a long and intimidating editorial letter. This will include big-picture stuff like her reactions to your theme and style, as well as some page-by-page feedback on things that were confusing, implausible, or simply wrong. (I’m a particular fan of changing a character’s eye color, and finding unnecessarily convoluted ways to get characters from point…

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