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News and Views: A Random Smattering

There were a few publishing stories in the news this week, but nothing which I had any strong opinions about. Although some of the readership may feel more strongly about things than me so I’ll briefly discuss them up here

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The Schrödinger Ship

Here’s another story for the Renegade Anthology: The Schrödinger Ship by Matt Hebert (6200 words via wattpad). Thanks for sharing Matt. Jem ate her apple with her legs dangling over the edge of the deepest shaft on the ship, one bare heel free of

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Lost Words

Originally posted on Quietly Askew:
My body aches when I don’t write.  My shoulders tense up. My hands grasp at the words they want to put down. My stomach feels the pressure of the ideas that need to get out…

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NPR’s top 100 Sci-fi and Fantasy Books

This is a new undertaking I’m starting on my personal blog. I wanted to share it with the Foil & Phaser community as well.

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First Flight

by Jon Jefferson This is it, he thought. Jeremiah looked out over the city. The bell tower in the cathedral gave the best view. He was ready to do it. He knew he was. But he wanted to check the straps

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News and Views: Barnes and Noble

I was bite by the “I’m too busy” bug the last couple of weeks and haven’t had time to put up a News and Views article, but hopefully you’ll all forgive me as I attempt to get back into the

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Ivy And Oakley

Here’s the story I submitted for the Sword & Laser Anthology and I’m glad it has a home here at Foil & Phaser! I’m not sure if they just weren’t looking for steampunk/gas lamp fantasy/secret history, or whether there’s a

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Just a few updates

1. We are posting and reblogging any anthology submissions that people want to share. You can read them at Foil & Phaser under the “Renegade Anthology” tag in the menu bar. We already have half-a-dozen up on the site. If

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Short Story: Sojourner

This was one of my submissions to the Sword and Laser anthology. It didn’t get accepted, but I hope you all enjoy it anyway. Once mission control gave us the okay, Q and I fumbled our way out of confinement and stared

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Sweet Nostalgia

by Jean-Francois Dubeau I wrote two stories for the Sword & Laser Anthology. I don’t like to think of the results as being rejected as much as being ‘not accepted’. Regardless, I’ve decided to publish one of them here, on Foil

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