Steeling Innocence. Pt.1

What in the Blue Blazes?!


Sunlight filtered through the leaves of a large maple tree, spotting the ground with iconic five-point shadows.  Underneath the tree, leaning against the trunk was Ted-Y (pronounced Teddy).  He was transfixed by his new hand, watching as the bits of sunlight that made it through the canopy of leaves would glint off the new highly polished metal.

Of course it wasn’t just his hand that was new, he had an entirely new body.  The previous day had been his thirteenth cycle day, the anniversary of his activation.  Just like every other young girl and boy, when his thirteenth came around he was given a new body.  When he reached his eighteenth cycle he would be given the last body of his life and his name would no longer be Ted-Y, which was short for Ted-Youth, on that day it would become only Ted.

It was an odd thing though, not…

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