Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language

A comprehensive list of body language and the emotions it conveys. Click the link for more. Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language (via Writers Write) If you have any helpful writers resources you’d like to share, you can add them to

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Why Is The Media Ignoring Author Exploitation By Publishers?

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Sign Up for Beta Readers Club

WANTED: Beta Readers and Novel Writers Based on your response to our polls, we’ve decided to go ahead with a trial run of our Beta Readers Club. If you are a voracious reader with an interest in helping out new

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Foil and Phaser Wiki

As part of the ongoing effort to improve this blog,  we’ve decide to move the Writers Resources section to its own wiki. The new Foil and Phaser Wiki allows the links to be better organized and formatted. But more importantly, as a

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Beta Readers Club

We’ve had some great successes with our workshops, and now it’s time to think about expanding them to longer works. What we’re proposing is to start a club for writers and beta readers where novels and novellas would receive the

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Writers Workshop 3 Update

In the interest of getting more people to participate, I will be making my selection for this workshop public. All other submissions will remain private to the group. However, please note that any comments you make on my story will

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Writers Workshop #3 Sign-Up

Foil & Phaser will be starting a new critique workshop soon. The submissions will not be published, so this is the perfect opportunity to get feedback on a piece that has been giving you trouble, to tame your NaNoWriMo beast, or for new

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Storium (Beta)

Storium is a successful Kickstarter project which aims to merge creative writing with the mechanics of interactive gameplay. Each team of players works together on a collaborative story using a set of virtual cards as both plot devices and character outlines. The

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Site Update

I’ve been busy with other projects and haven’t had a lot of free time lately, so I thought it would be a good time to take a break from blogging and let the batteries recharge. Hopefully within the next week

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Age of Winter (Part I)

Originally posted on serialwritist:
Rayke Albrihn, captain in the Atlantian militia, travels to the inhospitable northern province of Talos, following rumours of instability and rebellion. He is no stranger to savage lands, but what he finds in this gloomy country…

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