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Age of Winter (Part I)

Originally posted on serialwritist:
Rayke Albrihn, captain in the Atlantian militia, travels to the inhospitable northern province of Talos, following rumours of instability and rebellion. He is no stranger to savage lands, but what he finds in this gloomy country…

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First novel – top ten tips

John Mountford has been a keen commentator on this blog for many months. Has has just published his first novel, and I asked him to share some tips about his experience with us all.  I have just Amazon-published my first…

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Writers aren’t Dreamers: 4 Ways Creative Writing Brings “Real-World” Benefits

Originally posted on Creative Writing with the Crimson League:
This post is about four professional and practical benefits of writing fiction: benefits you might not expect if you’ve never written a novel or a collection of short stories. What’s most…

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Clay Among the Stars, beginning

Originally posted on The realm of Jacky Clothilde and her friends:
Prologue Clay Gilbert stood through the whole ceremony. It wasn’t terribly long, and it wasn’t intentionally moving, but he was wiping a tear by the time it was over…

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Unicorn Princess (Chapter 1)

Originally posted on Arielle Solkovica:
     White is the color of the flowers that bloom among the the edges of the garden paths. They all pretend to be smaller replicas of the full moon that reflects from the surface of…

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The Difference Between Omniscient POV and Head Hopping

Originally posted on Ellen Brock:
The difference between omniscient point of view and head hopping is something that stumps a lot of writers. But there are big differences between the two, in this article, I outline the basics. To be…

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The Beginning

Originally posted on Bellica: book 1 of The Bellica Trilogy:
4750, The First Age Midnight darkened the corridors of the Temple. The few remaining lights let out a gentle hum; most flickered, deteriorating with age. Hidden in shadows, Estela stood in…

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The First Sentence Is The Hardest

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Pyreman, Post 1

Originally posted on Friedens NaNoWriMo:
Thus begins my NaNoWriMo journey. Welcome to a world where it never stops snowing, and a young man must learn that to live… he must respect the dead.  The only warmth comes from the dead.…

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Writing Tip Wednesday: Write two books at once.

Originally posted on Inside My Worlds:
I was reading this very interesting (and funny) post the other day by guest writer Ben. H. Winters over at Publishing Crawl all about his theory of rotating dessert. He suggests you write two…

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