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Ray Bradbury on Writing Persistently

Just a bit of inspiration for everyone who will be huddled in front of a computer screen this weekend.  

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Tips and Tricks for Using Science in Fiction

When writing fiction, an author will often wish to include science, scientific concepts, or other facts and ideas drawn from the real world. Sometimes this works to the author’s advantage, sometimes it falls flat. In this article I will discuss

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Writer’s Resources You Endorse

Admittedly, I’m a relative newcomer to the field of fiction writing. Well, I spent a lot of my youth writing stories, in the Sword and Laser families of course, and recently found a trove of them. Horrible. Anyway, like I

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WordPlay with Nika Harper

When geek royalty and notorious speed reader Felicia Day began a new YouTube channel dedicated to vloggers, it was no surprise that one segment would be devoted to creative writing. Enter Nika Harper and her Wordplay series of videos. Every

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I Write Like

Might not be news to most of this blog’s readers, but I thought the site I Write Like was interesting. It also said I write like H.P. Lovecraft, so take that for what it’s worth.

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How to write a successful blog post

Originally posted on bottledworder:
Many of us write well. Many of us also engage with really important or popular issues in our blog posts. Yet, some bloggers turn out more successful than others. How does that happen? What’s the big…

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Politics – What Sci-Fi Writers Get Wrong

Speculative fiction is the genre of ideas, but often it isn’t clear where those ideas came from. In the case of government, our genre has an obsession with omnipresent, omnipotent, usually totalitarian governments. Two of the most famous political science

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SAMPLE: The Misunderstood Semicolon

[Essays and Writing Advice – In addition to posting fiction, an author may choose to share writing tips in the form of an essay. Topics can be on any subject, from character development to the abuse of adverbs. If you

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