A New World (Part Two)

by Lou Gagliardi

Continued from Part One

Looking into the mirror that hung on the wall, after entering the bathroom, Luke was happy. He left out a sigh of relief. He wasn’t disfigured. Definitely female but not disfigured and alive—that’s all that matters. The girl’s face in the mirror was pretty. She had the hard lines of a feline female athlete with the softness contrasting that well. Her nose was small on her short muzzle but fit her face and her cheekbones were high. She stared back at he from the mirror with ocean blue eyes that showed a mischievous nature. Her plump, bow shaped lips seem to have a slight smile permanently on them. It was still odd to see that midnight black–or was it purple, it was hard to tell in this light–fur with that feline face. She had the look of a mature, sexy woman. She was classy but older looking–he had to guess about mid-thirties.

“Not bad. I guess. I wonder what I’m doing in Australia though. Maybe a vacation?”

She wore little, frame-less glasses he noticed, that stayed on her face by a little, invisible wire . He–she–was also now a redhead—a mane of deep, rich red that contained hints of gold. It had the eternal bedhead look. Luke liked that style, on women that weren’t him, it was bouncy and fun. It was also nice to run his fingers through. Her neck was long and muscular in a feminine way. If his face was any indication, he could be a model. Luke knew he had lost some height, down from six foot five inches, as a human of course, judging by much larger everything looked. As he walked over to the small shower, Luke hoped that this “Lisa’s” family or friends had called.

She looked good even if a little on the plush side. She wasn’t fat nor was she muscular. What she was, he noticed, was big in all the right places–and it made for a very attractive figure. Her breasts were high and perky but very huge. He’d just hate to see the bras he’d have to buy now that he was her. Running his hands over those wider than average hips, her long, thin tail flicked over top that huge backside behind her.

“… Oi! Stupid tail! Now I know why they call girls ‘bootylicious’. Geez, she works out or something, talk ‘bout buns of steel!”

Luke stopped his inspections realizing that his thighs were going to be pretty much like the rest of him–not too muscled, not fat just big in all the right places. Before jumping in, he went out of the room real quick and grabbed a towel from the hospital closet to dry off.

“Well, now. This is interesting. So it seems that I’m in this body for the long haul for whatever reason…guess I better make the most of it.” he shook his head. “Stranger in a strange land indeed. Well, the IDTablet or whatever she called it from the limited usage and understanding I have it said her–my– name is Lisa Black…hmm…how odd. Anyway, she’s thirty-six years old..not bad fer that age. I guess that’s who I am…”

Walking out of the bathroom, Luke couldn’t help but look around the room thinking that her clothes might be on a chair or in a closet. Sighing, she picked up her IDTab and managed to start a game. Getting into the game, the panther female never noticed when the small, young looking male mouse walked into the room. He stood there for a moment or two, before finally grabbing her attention.


Lisa jumped a little bit and almost broke the phone sized device. Turning with a red blush under her black fur, the tail behind her went rigid as she finally noticed him. Rubbing the back of her head, the former human let out a soft, embarrassed chuckle.

“umm..what’s up, Doc?”

The mouse moved to the area of the room with the chair. He pushed the orange, plastic chair to the bed and sat down. Next, he pulled out a tablet and pressed down on the screen presumably opening some kind of application for note taking or to show her some readings. The newly created, for lack of a term, feline just watched in fascination.

“My name is Doctor Alex Maus. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Black. My area of expertise is neuromagical studies. Basically, I study wavelengths of the brain to determine if a person has had something magical done to them.”

Lisa could only nod, still a little dumbfounded. She was more surprised, still, at the idea of a talking mouse than at the idea that magic existed and lived side by side with science in this time and dimension. Motioning the doctor continue, the female lead back to take some of the pressure of her back.

“Now the nurse, Millie, told me that when you woke up you did not remember being born Lisa Black but instead made mention of Luke Black. You also said that you were human. Is this true, Miss?”

“Yes, Doctor Maus. It is. The last thing I remember, as I told her is getting ready for a date..” The barely concealed exasperation could be heard in her voice. “then I was sucked into a purple whirlpool or vortex. I’m assuming, based on what you said, that someone was try..pardon me..” She chuckled a little bit, “a spell for a lack of a term..” It sounded silly the moment it left her mouth–a magic spell! But here she was as proof.

The mouse sat back in the chair and scribbled down notes as fast as his fingers could clack the digital keys on the screen. Then he pulled up something else with a flick of his finger. Turning the seven inch tablet around, Luke–Lisa, he should get used to that, scrolled through the information.

“These are a side by side comparison of the old Lisa’s brain wavelengths versus your wavelengths. Do you notice anything odd about them?”

Lisa squinted then pulled on the frameless glasses, having nearly forgotten about them. Looking between the doctor and the screen, the feline peered in a little harder. Her degree, as a human, was in law not medicine. Taking a moment, she finally cleared it up for herself, though it was in the most simplistic of ways.

“Hers are shorter and abruptly stop. Mine are longer and keep going?”

The mouse nodded, a slight smile showing on his face. Putting the tablet down for now, Doctor Maus took her paws into his and squeezed. Sighing the mouse closed his eyes for a moment, both of them deeply breathing before the doctor opened them.

“Yes, that is correct. You are in a new world, m’dear, as a new person. It seems that someone accidentally used magic to gain access to your dimension and unfortunately or fortunately it brought you here and into her body. We can’t take you back, but we can help you get clothing and contact friends and family to explain what happened. I’ve left a pair of pants and a shirt in the upper left drawer for you when you didn’t pay attention to me walking in. Do you want us to contact your–Lisa’s–family and tell them the news and get them to take you to their home?”

Lisa nodded and sighed, trying not to cry or look at that doctor. Emotions flooded her as the doctor left the room. She sat there for a moment too before closing her eyes and laying back.

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