Writers aren’t Dreamers: 4 Ways Creative Writing Brings “Real-World” Benefits

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

businessman-with-the-notebook-2-1362247-mThis post is about four professional and practical benefits of writing fiction: benefits you might not expect if you’ve never written a novel or a collection of short stories.

What’s most important is that these benefits of fiction are “real world” benefits. That means when science snobs who don’t understand the value of the humanities try to bring you down (I mean, who’d think we humans could possibly derive value from something with “humanity” in its name?), you’ll know how to argue for your writing passion on their level.

No, writing a novel isn’t going to cure cancer. It’s not going to solve world hunger (though a story just might inspire someone to be a bit more compassionate and maybe volunteer at or donate to his or her local food pantry.) But creative writing DOES have its place in the “real world.”

Writing a novel does SO MUCH for a…

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