The Beginning

Bellica: book 1 of The Third Age

4750, The First Age

Midnight darkened the corridors of the Temple. The few remaining lights let out a gentle hum; most flickered, deteriorating with age. Hidden in shadows, Estela stood in an alcove, waiting for the Watch to walk by, to pass her unnoticed. She hoped.

Soon her wish came to pass―a priestess, already Dedicated, passed her, in robes black as night. They were all black as night. This priestess must not be in direct contact with the Deity, or she would have noticed Estela where she hid.

The woman gone, Estela darted out from her alcove, headed for her destination, the centre of the Temple. The holiest of holies, where only those ready for Dedication to Umbra could go. Never mind if they’d been Called or not.

The holy centre of the Temple was empty. Here were no artificial lights; the flames of candles and torches flickered, reflections dancing…

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