The First Sentence Is The Hardest

K P Lanyon

The first sentence is the hardest. Some people might disagree, some of you might swim right through that first challenge, and kudos to you if you do. But I struggle with it. Finding something snappy and concise, something to capture the reader’s attention and draw them in, achieving that with one sentence is difficult. We don’t have the advantage of building amazing posters for our films, or using bright colours, interesting shapes and scenes to catch the eye from afar. At least not right away. Sure, when the book is on the shelf, we have cool covers to grab attention, cool titles emblazoned in bold, stylised fonts upon the spines. But the first thing we need, the absolute very first thing we need to get right, is that first line. And I find myself confronted by that every time I try to start again the next day; but this time…

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  1. KPlanyon says:

    Seems I caught up a little late, but thanks for sharing my words. I’m glad that they seemed to resonate 🙂 Many thanks, going to throw you a follow, since you’ve obviously got good taste. /wave

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