What if no one listens?

Okay, What if ?


It wasn’t possible. Shawn had walked this block every day for four years. How could a building just appear? Where did it come from, this monstrous building now in front of him? Why was it here? What was the meaning of the clock and why was it counting backwards?

He stopped another pedestrian walking by

“Sir, what’s up with this building and where did it come from? Doesn’t this worry you?” he asked

“What are you babbling about? That building is a historical landmark. People come from all over just to get a picture. Where are you from?” the man responded

“Never mind. Sorry to bother you.” 

The man walked away mumbling to himself. The words crazy and tourist were overheard and Shawn began to wonder what was going on. Had he lost his mind, was he displaced in time or was something more sinister happening and he was the only one…

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