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NaNoWriMo Roundup: Seasoned Authors Share their Secrets

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
At the stroke of midnight tonight, aspiring writers everywhere will take a deep breath. One second later, their blank screens won’t be blank any longer — for quite a while. November 1st marks the…

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Creative Writing Courses Available from ITunesU

Apple’s iTunesU has many courses available for aspiring writers. These free online courses offer writing advice from dozens of authors and academics. There are hundreds of hours of video and audio lectures, as well as free books and other materials.

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Sword & Laser Kickstarter

In case you missed it, the Sword & Laser Kickstarter for a second season of video shows went live yesterday, and as of this post is already over 80% funded. Thanks to everyone who turned out to support the effort. This

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Writing Tip Wednesday: Write two books at once.

Originally posted on Inside My Worlds:
I was reading this very interesting (and funny) post the other day by guest writer Ben. H. Winters over at Publishing Crawl all about his theory of rotating dessert. He suggests you write two…

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A Man Walks Into a Shop and Asks For a Kettle

by Thomas Heasman-Hunt, UK I’ve been writing for most of my life, but only began actively pursuing a writing career a couple of years ago. Since that time I’ve posted a large amount of fiction on my blog, , as well

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Divide and Conquer: A NaNoWriMo Alternative

I know a lot of people would like to take part in NaNoWriMo but find the concept of writing an entire novel to be too daunting. What I would like to propose is a workshop where, instead of a novel,

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Terminator (Part 1)

Originally posted on serialwritist:
In the future, mankind’s ancient nocturnal enemy, long dismissed as myth, has revealed itself. Harnessing the nascent technology of space travel, they have escaped the scourge of sunlight and rule unopposed from the eternal night of…

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The Reality of the Fantasy: How Swords and Armor Really Work

Originally posted on Dreams of the Shining Horizon:
I’ve been a fan of fantasy fiction since I was a kid.  Starting at about twelve, I collected everything Tolkien-related I could afford.  I read my copies of the primary trilogy and…

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Quick and Dirty World-Building

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The Voice

by Michael Mangine My name is Michael Mangine and I am a new short story writer.  I always wanted to be a writer and am submitting a short story for the first time on this site.  I am from New

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