Book 1: Chapter 1

If you like this , there is a lot more on her site. This post is from over a year ago, and she has since begun posting the third book.

Chronicles of Tairne

[Wherein Lord Shoban of Tairne fights his yearly war.]

The eyes, two sharp points of life encased in dead metal, stared back at him. The eyes disappeared. Gareth saw only the eagle now, wings extended, sharp beak opened in a scream, talons poised, shedding drops of ruby. A slash of metal cut the eagle in two. The eyes, green flecked with brown, returned, but wavered.

Steadied for a blow, Gareth’s shield arm went up. The eyes turned. Gareth saw only the gray metal and underneath the metal a sliver of pulsing skin. He focused on the skin, a point of life like the eyes, and brought his half-raised sword down. A brilliant red fountain sprayed Gareth’s shield and tunic and turned him to stone. The fountain disappeared. The eyes were gone.

His stallion swerved underneath him and startled Gareth back into the battle. Suddenly, Gareth saw what the eyes had…

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