Chapter 1: The Jaded Pearl

My First Fantasy Novel

Chapter 1: The Jaded Pearl


Darowyn stared out into the stormy night, sheltered by the cave of the Stoneclaw Mountains. The hefty dwarf sat on a flat rock not two foot from where the rain streamed down. A flash of lightning lit the valley, called the Hourglass, and the forests on either side. He waited there often, thinking about his father and the evil brewing in distance lands. A wretched hand seemed to be reaching and casting a shadow over the valley below. More than anything, he was waiting for his father’s return.

He could barely see the valley below for the storm had all covered in darkness. He was about to return to his home, the dwarven city of Calador connected to the cavern in which he now sat, when the lightning flashed again. This time it revealed figures on the far side of the Hourglass. The flash…

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