Water Demon meets Norse Mythology

this is just a short story I wrote. I love Norse mythology and decided to have my character meet some characters from Norse myths.

The roaring crowd echoed throughout the concave roof of the hockey rink, filling in the glassed in ice before penetrating my ears. The buzzer signaling the start of the second period over powered the screaming fans as I took my last loop around the back of the net, over the goal line and up to my spot on right wing. Grabbing my stick tight leaning on it, pushing against the larger and wider Music Minx right-winger, our elbow pads and shoulder pads clunked together. The refs whistle blew. Pointing he made us move back to the red line on the outer reach of the center circle. Pulling on my helmet to get a better view I got back into position continuing to push on my opponent before the puck was dropped.
Like a crack of lighting I moved in on the center dot and picked up the puck off of my center-man. Crossing one foot over the other I curved around him and bolted up the rink to their goal. Ice scrapping under my skates I passed the Minx blue line with three of their players behind me only their defensemen between me and their goal. Winding up I brought my stick back for a slap shot. As I brought my stick forward I stepped right crossing over to pass the player in front of me. Just as I had planned it in the huddle before the start of this period my left winger picked up my drop pass letting a snap shot go. I slid behind the defense and cut across the goal mouth as the puck came through. Angling the blade of my stick I tipped the puck up over the goalie’s left pad fluttering the back of the net. Thrusting my hands in the air the red lamp lit up like a mini fire at the good goal. The crowd roared as they slowly registered the result of the fast play. Less than twenty seconds in, my team the Heckhaven Bulls took the lead three to two.
As I glided towards my bench I could hear my little sister and best friend cheering me on in the stands. Passing the boards I held out my hand knocking gloves with my team on the bench as the replay of my goal flashed on the projector screen that the AV guys set up for the mid season game.
“With his twenty third goal of the season number forty-four, Anthony Luther.” The announcers in the overhead box read out my number and name. Keeping with the game plan my coach called for a line change. Sliding into my place on the bench next to my buddy Huck I grabbed a water bottle and squirted a mouth full of the icy liquid out. Swishing it around I spit ninety percent onto the rink swallowing the rest.
“There we go Captain!” Huck yelled, referring to the C stitched to my jersey, banging his gloved hand on my shoulder pads. I smiled before staring up at the projector screen watching the replay elated.
“I didn’t think that would work.” I laughed.
“That a boy Anthony, keep it up.” My coach said hiding his smile with his clip board patting me on the shoulder pad lighter than Huck had.
“Keep it up Captain and we’ll have this game in the bag.”
“There’s still forty minutes to play Huck.” I said staring up to the clock.
I was right, after my goal in the first minute of the second period the Music Minx picked up their play and had a handful of chances themselves. If not for our goalie Billy, the score could have been ten to three by now. Glancing up to the middle bleachers directly across from my bench I caught my sisters glare. I could just she her vertically slit hazel eyes giving me a disappointed look.
“Huck let’s not let them get another one alright?”
“Easier said than done,” Huck choked out grabbing for a water bottle, “they are super fast and great with their sticks.”
“Don’t worry I have a plan.”
“Good Captain cause we can use one.” Huck said as the team from Nashville crossed over the blue line and let a bullet of a slap shot go. A loud ping vibrated my ears stopping my heart as the puck flew off to the corner boards. Our friend Brad Huck’s normal defensive partner made his way over to the puck when he lost his balance and fell to the ice.
“He lost his edge!” I heard one of my teammates down the bench proclaim. When another player went to get the puck he went crashing into the boards. Soon all of the players and referees on the ice fell, flailing as they went down as if the rink was shaking. Some of the spectators started to boo, and I felt a tremor rumble the bench. Patricia and my best friend Dezeray stood up while everyone else sat down disappointed in the change of pace. Dezeray had on a black zippered up sweatshirt. Her blonde hair falling in wavy curls at her shoulders resting atop the hood folded on her back cradling them inside the folds. Patricia wore a hooded pullover sweatshirt that hid most of her facial features and feminine figure.
“What is going on?” My coach asked to no one in-particular.
“That is what I would like to know.” I said, staring at center ice.
From the center face-off dot cracks streaked out the radius of the circle, breaking in different size chunks. The rest of the rink was untouched. The bored spectators were intrigued once the ice began to break. The referees blew the whistle signaling a stoppage of play. Taking the opportunity for a rest the Minx goalie made his way to his team’s bench. While Brad and the Minx player got to their feet the rest of the players headed for their respected benches. For a brief moment everything was silent. Only the sound of the referee’s blades on his skates scrapping against the ice closest to center ice could be heard.
Like a dormant volcano, the cracked ice exploded sending chucks of ice into the crowd and benches. The standing referee was blown back into the glass behind the goal line, shattering it, landing on the opposite side. The few players on the Minx bench dove out of harms way as I ducked under a baseball sized ice shard aimed at my head. Smaller chunks rose over the glass snowing on the spectators. The remaining players on the ice were stuck along with the referees facedown on the rink
Rising from the crater sized hole in the ice was a grotesque giant, nearly too tall to stand in the ice rink. Leaping from the crater after the hag was a black dog with red eyes, standing knee high to the giant women. His blender sized fangs were coated in a thick green slime dripping to the ice around his lawnmower sized paws. Stretching from blue line to blue line were her outstretched arms, one was normal but the other was only bone. Unlike the three Fates of God, this hag’s bones were not bleach white, they had a nearly indiscernible green tint to them. Her skin was an icy blue and almost transparent. Her black ropes fell from her shoulders into a v-cut, down to the ice like a ski slope spreading out like shadow covering the entire center circle.
The crowd began screaming cutting the silence. A rotting corpse stench spread throughout the rink quickly filling the closed in dome. Half of the crowd ran for the spinning door pushing against it on both sides holding it in place. The rest were too petrified to move. The Minx bench was cleared even before the bleachers began to empty. My bench was cleared by my coach except for Huck and I. We stayed hanging on to the boards as if the game was tied heading into the final minute.
Black horns flopped down away from her head with rings wrapping all the way around them down to her skull. In the same shape of her horns shoulder pad like cloth stretched out like glaciers away from her neck. Her skeletal side was easier on the eyes than her side with flesh. A thin moist layer of decayed skin coated her rotting flesh. In the middle of trying to take in as much of this massive she beast as I could she began to speak.
“Finally, the fires of Hell have melted away my icy prison, bringing me to this,” she began elongating her voice to accommodate the extra air forced out by her intense stretch, then she paused. She stared at the air conditioning systems, the frozen water around her, and sniffed the thick water vapor filled air, “ice palace? Seriously what is this frigid place?” She asked the remaining people present. Her voice was a mixture of an eternal echo and a raspy lifelong smoker’s choke.
“Who is this demon?” I whispered to Huck, “I’ve never seen one like this before.”
“Me neither, but she is uuugly. I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes on her Captain.” Huck answered and I nodded unable to tear my eyes away either.
“Silence! Do not speak in whispers while I ask a question!” the hag roared spinning on us.
I stared over at Trish and Dezy hoping to catch their eyes. Both of them were still standing in the same spot waiting on my orders.
“Whoever she is we have to get the rest of these people out of here.” I said, loud enough for Huck to hear me, but slow enough for Patricia and Dezeray to understand my words.
“Whoever I am! Whoever I am! I am Hel, goddess of the Dead!” Hel shrieked. Her rotten voice produced several more Hell Hounds from the hole in the ice. Leaping out in a pack they spread out around her, smaller than the first one but just as vicious. “Attack!” she commanded and the dogs obeyed leaping over the glass after the spectators still backed up at the revolving door. A couple stayed behind to take care of the players and referees on the ice.
Dezeray ran off with the crowd, leaping over the unconscious referee she made her way to the front of the terrified spectators. Slowly she gathered their attention forcing them to calm down. The rest of the bleachers emptied heading for the door. They were stopped short by one of Hel’s hounds blocking their path. Four more surrounded the crowd who leaped for the exit first, slowly closing in on their prey knowing there was no chance for escape.
“This will teach you to disrespect me!” Hel crowed watching her pets get ready to tear into human flesh.
Patricia used the confusion to her advantage. Ripping off her sweater, a hood that had been concealed by the one on her sweater covered her face. It was this hood that did most of the concealing. The visible part of the hood was midnight black and the inside was as dark as the forest at midnight. The green sucked up the light while the darker aspect dissolved it. From the hood flowed a cloak surrounding her black and green Kevlar spandex mixture, she was now wearing. Now that she removed her baggy sweatpants black combat boots with green laces were visible on her feet. A fluffy tail swayed behind her curling and spinning like smoke off the end of a cigarette. Growling like a wild cat Patricia released her five inch claws concealed in her half glove covered hands.
The Hell Hound in front of the spectators at the bottom of the bleachers never stood a chance. It leaped for a little boy and met Patricia’s hand. The razorblade like claws sliced through the hound like a circular saw through wood, gashing it’s neck open, spewing water colored blood all over the floor.
“Go!” Patricia commanded her voice distorted from the fangs filling her mouth.
“Huck, protect the players on the rink, I’ll get our things.” I ordered. Adrenaline pumped into my veins at the sight of my sister’s bravery.
“You’ve got it Captain!” Huck exclaimed leaping over the boards with an excessive battle cry, swinging his hockey stick like a baton, knocking the first Hell Hound out of his way advancing farther onto the ice. The closest player on my team crawled his way onto the bench, fleeing to the exit.
“Mortals do not stand a chance against my pets. Valkyries perish at there claws.” Hel cackled at Huck, before I drew her attention, “Run boy run!”
Wobbling like a penguin I ran in my skates to the locker room behind the bench to the right. Cool air swept across the sweat under my pads as they bounced up and down on my body. Rolling my shoulders to get the feeling off I stopped short. Equal distance from the locker room on the opposite side was a snarling Hell hound. It barked like a German Sheppard, Rottweiler mix on miracle grow. It’s breath was as bad as its master’s stench. Heavy panting propelled it towards me like a strong wind. The door of the locker-room was ajar just a little. I could see the crack and stream of light filtering through. Like a mosquito to a bug zapper I ran for the door. The Hound bounded after me. Sticking my hand through the crack as the hound leaped I threw the door open falling inside. The weight of the beast slammed full force into the it slamming it shut bending the three inch metal door at the center.
I didn’t waste a second. While the hound continued to viciously attack the door I rummaged through my hockey bag for my Water Crystal, the Heavenly weapon that transforms me into a supernatural being. Pulling it out of the side pocket its solid interior moved fluidly like the oceans currant. The blue glinted as the light reflected off of it similar to where light just reaches before it plunges into darkness in the Atlantic. Golden angelic writing swirled around deep in the hockey puck sized crystal.
“Water Crystal activate!” I shouted and the transformation began. The cold air faded on my skin and an internal warmth spread from the center of my body out to my limbs. Tiny drops of rain rinsed my body of the discomforting sweat as I was stripped of all of my brown hair. Claws and talons sprouted from by finger tips and toes, along with a tail extending from my tailbone, strength pumped into my muscles. A feeling I have come to love burned in my heart, I can do anything. Bull horns tunneled through my skull, fangs elongated from my teeth, and wings spread off of my back out of my shoulder blades. I smelt the fear quickly filling the rink, covering up the stench of human sweat, mixing with the rotting corpse smell of Hel, now seeping through the door that was slowly caving in. My body grew taller and my muscles bulged changing to a flat color of the Water Crystal. As I caught the snout of the Hell Hound peaking through the door my vision plunged into a blue tint, flickering while the fire in my eye sockets raged.
Huck’s bag was against the wall behind the door’s swing. Ripping open the secret flap I grabbed his pool cue like sticks, before kicking open the door severing the Hell Hound’s head from its body at the neck. The door and body flew into the air conditioning system causing a loud humming noise followed by an alien green and yellow glow finishing with a loud pop. The ruckus drew the attention of everyone in the hockey rink including Hel.
“What kind of magic is this? A room where boys enter and demons exit.”
“Not exactly.” I said my voice raspy as a chainsaw.
“I believe I understand. Surt told me of an aquatic demon like himself, one who could change shapes like my father. As I am sure you know I am Hel.”
“Actually I didn’t, but I will be sure to write it on your headstone.” I smiled a fang filled grin. Blue embers flared around my right hand materializing my sword as I tossed Huck his sticks, which he caught with ease. Dropping his hockey stick he attached the two sticks at the base and tip clicking them into place releasing the spear tip head. Gripping my silver hilt I felt the power of the world’s oceans surging in the center of my being. Off of the guard stood a three foot long blue obsidian blade, perfectly shaped with edges so sharp they are to thin to see.
“I did not break free just to be sent back down!” Hel roared, thrusting her skeletal hand down to the ice, “I will not go back. Garm, kill!” the largest Hell Hound who was still standing by its master vaulted at me. Bringing my sword back in a baseball swing, I waited for the moment when I would slice the dog in half.
Before the demon dog reached me Patricia speared it in mid air, the force causing them to roll over one another until they crashed into the far boards.
“Rökkr Köttr! Mislead off spring of Freya!” Hel began, but I cut her off by slicing down at the skin side of her neck. Hel quickly produced a scythe from behind her back to block the attack. Flapping my wings to keep elevation I flew at head level to Hel. I unleashed two more speedy slices at her bone side, just above her stomach and her skin side just below her shoulder. Both times I was met by the shadow colored staff of her scythe. Obviously aggravated Hel brought the back of her hand, which took up my entire torso, forward across my body. The slap’s sting never reached my nerves as my shark skin raked across her hand tearing up rotten flesh from bone.
“You bastard!” she cried bringing back her scythe for a golf swing. As the weapon came down I slipped inside her guard and stabbed at her chest aiming for her pumping heart. My blade passed through her ribs but the slight shoulder movement of her swing forced my attempt wide. Kicking off of her rib cage like a professional swimmer I flapped my wings like arms retreating from her reach.
“I had hoped you would help me conquer this world, but I guess I will have to kill you. I have not met an enemy this strong in centuries.” Hel delighted in the opportunity for a difficult fight. I guess when you’re cooped up for so long, isolated from everything, fighting is the only way to really loosen up.
While Hel and I began another volley of rapid attacks, Dezy gathered the crowd at the door into a line. Before Patricia had tackled Garm, she was holding off the Hell Hounds surrounding them. One had flown into the rink knocking down a section of board that Huck used to get the rest of the skaters off. Now Dezeray was pushing the crowd through one side of the spinning door, which was picking up speed.
“Don’t worry about the speed, it will hurt a lot less if you’re caught in that then one of those things’ jaws.” Dezeray explained. “Keep moving. don’t look back. Everything will be okay.“ Most of the crowd was now free, but at least fifty more spectators and eleven players still needed to get out.
Huck held off the Hell Hounds as much as he could. The four surrounding him acted like a pack faking an attack on one side while another dog leaped at him from the opposite side. By ducking he was able to avoid the attack, simultaneously reliving himself for the moment of two hounds as the attacking hound crashed into his partner on the other side. The remaining two tried the faint attack again, but Huck was ready. He stabbed the first one, who faked the attack in the foot, swinging around in time Huck caught the leaping Hell Hound in the neck, killing it instantly.
Hel used her scythe like an experienced farmer, swiping and slashing as if I was a field of wheat. Unfortunately for her, her speed was not equaled to mine. As she swung at me I ducked under the blade bringing my sword over my head and down before she had time to react. Her age is what helped her last so long. Before my sword could connect with her skin, she slid the shaft of her scythe down her hand poke checking me in the chest, stopping my attack.
Patricia was wrestling with Garm claw and tooth to my left on the far side of the rink. The Hell Hound was four times the size of my petite sister with more experience in battle, but she was winning. His mighty paw knocked Patricia in the face drawing tears to her eyes. Following that up Garm bit at Patricia’s leg, but she back flipped out of the way, bringing her legs up over her head landing perfectly on her feet. The dog stutter stepped forward propelled only by the force of his bite. Patricia’s kaleidoscope eyes took in movement much slower than it was. Garm bit at her again and she sliced down with all of her strength at the beast’s jaw and shoulder tearing five deep and thick gashes in its skin. The dog’s skin on its cheek was split, and severed. Three chunks of skin fell to the floor. She leaped around the giant dog like a lemur creating more cuts like the one on his shoulder and jaw as she went, each one oozing thick liquid. Patricia only had a swollen cheek from the first swipe the dog unleashed.
“Helheim will rise!” Hel shrieked realizing all of her pets were falling. The air in her lungs was replaced with fresh air at a rapid pace steadily increasing with every swing of her scythe. Fatigue setting into her muscles she swung her scythe at me in a lackluster attempt to hit my neck, so I caught it with my hand.
“The Norse era is over.” I roared slicing at her side. She slid her hand up the staff as if it was greased pushing at the top using my grip as leverage to block the attack with the butt end of the staff. Watching her counter unfold I reared back and kicked her in the chest on the skin side. Where my foot connected, her skin parted like mud around my foot. Hel stumbled back releasing my foot with dead skin sticking to the bottom of it. Screaming like a banshee Hel attacked again, swinging her scythe over her shoulder at me. Reversing her attack I swung my sword from my right leg up our weapons connected at the head of her scythe.
“This is my time to rule. I have been an outcast to long!”
“That, is not my, problem.” I grunted under gritted teeth. Hel opened her mouth as if to speak, but stopped and spread her lips in an upward arch as a high pitch scream reverberated against the walls. Over by the spinning door a Hell Hound got around Huck and pinned Dezeray to the floor. Turning back to Hel, my eyes erupted blinding the goddess with the blue fire in them. Shoving her back with all of my strength, Hel flew into the bleachers destroying them. My demonic brain ran through a million ways to save Dezy in the time it took me to look back over. While the demon dog reared its head back to chomp down on Dezeray I dropped to the hole in the ice picking up a large chunk lying near the crater tossing it in their direction. The ice chunk connected with the Hell Hounds body exploding it instantly.
“My babies!” Hel yelled behind me. Another Hell Hound bounded towards her, Dezeray stood up and grabbed a broken hockey stick from the garbage. Its blade snapped right were it met the shaft creating a makeshift spear. The Hell Hound with the wounded paw didn’t stand a chance as Dezeray slammed the point home on its head. Its red eyes closed and never opened following the fate of its partner.
Huck smacked another hound on the head as it tried to break passed him, “Bad dog!” he laughed, popping the Hell Hound behind him in the eye with the butt end of his spear. Whirling his spear around Huck brought the point back resting the shaft against the back of his forearm, catching a leaping Hell Hound in the chest. The weight pushed his spear into the rubber floor forcing the spear deeper. The pressure of the attack pushed Huck forward as the Hell Hound with the wounded eye attacked. It met with the mighty paws of the first ending it as well. Kicking the shaft of his spear at the base released it from under the Hell Hound and he brought it up twirling it above his head, dropping it to his side using the momentum to cut the hound’s neck that he had smacked on the head.
“This is it Hel, you’re finished.” I called turning back towards Hel.
“No!” she cried, looking around. Huck and Dezeray finished off the last of the Hell Hounds while the remaining spectators were freed. Garm huffed panting slower and slower. The ice at its feet was soaked in the water colored liquid seeping from his cuts. Patricia walked up close eyeing the massive Hell Hound like a cat does to a mouse. Lifting its head slowly she spun around with lightning fast reflexes snapping the dogs neck with the force of her kick.
“No! Garm!” Hel cried, staring at her lifeless pet. Each of her babies was killed or dieing around her. Her only companions in the frozen jail she spent the past centuries were gone. “Just kill me! I’m done.”
Carefully I glided over to Hel, her bone arm stretched across her face, the two forearm bones separating around her eye before rejoining at the wrist.
“See you in Valhalla she demon.” I whispered leaning close, bringing my sword down into her heart, and I didn’t miss this time. Hel yelled a hollow cry. Black and white clouds of smoke intertwined on the way up to the sky passing though the roof like a ghost. Her body evaporated and disappeared along with the bodies of the Hell Hounds.
My three companions made their way to the center of the rink huffing from exhaustion. I met Dezeray, Huck, and Patricia in the center of the rink. Huck’s uniform was torn to ribbons and his gear was no better. Patricia’s face already started to go down and Dezeray‘s sweatshirt zipper was torn, her blonde hair slightly messy from the battle and two half paw prints marked her shoulders. The hockey rink would need some major renovation. The hole in the center of the ice stretched all the way down past the sewer lines and was as wide as the center circle all the way down. The ice that was not broken began to melt now that the air conditioning system was destroyed. Several section of board were either missing or had broken glass, not to mention the twisted scrap remains of the nets. The bleachers where Hel crashed into were demolished. The door to the locker room was not salvageable and screws in the rotating door would need to be replaced.
The dome roof was untouched, except. In the center of the ceiling a black hole, the size of a garbage can lid spiraled counterclockwise. It grew larger expanding to the size of a trampoline.
“Do you see that Captain?”
“Yeah, but what is it?” I asked myself as three human shaped beings dropped out of the darkness descending to the ice. An older man with a curly grey beard stood in the center with a spear in his right hand and a scar over his left eye that was squinted shut. To his right was a younger man with no beard and black hair. Under his arm was a book the size of the original King James Bible. The title was written in a dead Germanic language. To the left of them was a man with brown hair and a golden staff. At the top was four stems curling in on one another with a blazing fire in the middle. All three of them wore knights armor in bronze, silver, and gold. They stood in front of me staring without a sound. Huck, Patricia, and Dezeray stood behind me, and I think I heard Huck pull his jaw off the floor.
“How can I help you three?” I asked sounding more aggressive than I wanted with my demonic voice.
“I am Odin, lord of the Norse gods and ruler of Asgaurd. These are my brothers Vili and Loki.” Odin said his voice rough like a man whose only source of drink had been moonshine.
“Blood, brother.” Loki corrected the fire from his staff reflecting in his eyes.
“We are here to congratulate you. Hel has caused me, us, some grief. My warriors and I are residents of Asgaurd which makes us unable to kill the goddess Hel. You are a resident of this realm which allowed you to kill her.”
“You are welcome?”
“She was my daughter you know.”
“I didn’t but she did mention a shape shifting father, no name though.”
“I understand the situation Loki, but this warrior has saved us from an eternity of warfare with a being we can not kill.”
“Is that not what you want brother, eternal war? A ticket into Valhalla?” Loki yelled. “To Helhiem with this!” He roared turning to me raising his staff over his head. The staff came down like a golden blur but my sword met it with ease. Loki brought his staff back and attacked again aiming at my neck, then my ribs, and leg before stabbing at my heart. Each attack was pitifully deflected. We fought around the hole in the ice, down the boards and back to the hash marks. Loki’s eyes focused around the fire in his staff, his face raised in rage, his lips lifted so high I could see his gums.
“You disgrace of a warrior I will burn you with all the hatred in my heart.”
Loki’s words flicked a switch in my brain. Up until this point I was playing with him. His moves were slow, his attacks predictable, the only things stopping me from slaying him after the first swing was the two other beings standing watching the fight.
Before Loki could swing again I twisted his staff at his wrist causing it to go flying into the still standing bleachers. Spinning around I slid his legs out from under him with my tail. Loki crashed to the ice in a thud, squinting his eyes shut. Before he could open them I brought my sword up like I did to his daughter and brought it down at his heart.
“Halt!” Odin commanded, stopping my sword just above the golden breast plate of Loki. Looking up from him, his pond like eyes were being flooded by the whites of his iris, to Odin. Odin’s eyes were wide too, only fear wasn’t there. The white receded in Odin’s eye filling it with the grey and black of his iris. Even more shocking was his scared eye opened wide, the empty socket pink and vainy with a moist covering. “Loki, get back over here where you belong.” gritting his teeth, still staring up at me, Loki did as he was told crab walking out from underneath me until he was free to stand. Then he walked backwards until he was standing next to his blood brother. Holding out his arm spreading his hand, his golden staff flew back into his grasp.
“As for you demon warrior, please, accept our praise and Loki’s apology.”
“I do not apolagize!”
“Brother I would calm down, this one is much stronger than you.” Vali smiled.
“Quiet both of you!” Odin ordered before turning back to me, “We would be gracious if you would join us in Asgaurd.”
“I appreciate the offer, but I have more to do in this world before I can think of leaving to join another fight.”
“Brother, this warrior is different than his peers. He could be very helpful in Asgaurd, and certainly has a ticket to Valhalla.”
“When the time comes he can choose.” the two brothers whispered back and forth unaware of my demonic hearing.
“Take your blood brother and leave.” I ordered the king of the Norse gods, hoping to rush them out of my world. Unable to bite back my rage I turned to Loki and said, “Your daughter was a demon and nothing more. She deserved to die.”
“Keep your apologies.” Loki spit.
“Brother!” Odin roared, his armor clanking as he raised his shoulders pushing out the powerful command. Settling back down as the last of the roar faded Odin turned to me again, “Take care warrior, I hope to see you in Valhalla some day.” I nodded in response. The three departed floating back towards the trampoline sized black hole on the ceiling. Their bodies disappeared slowly, first their heads than chest until their entire bodies passed through the black abyss. In the same fashion that they had appeared they were gone.
“What the heck!” Dezeray screamed as the hole closed. All three of my friends stood there silent all of their mouths gapping. I shook my head with nothing to add.
Patricia walked over to the demolished section of bleacher rummaging for her human clothes. Under a crushed concrete slab she found her oversized outfit and put it back on in silence. The baggy clothes hid the green and black costume underneath flawlessly. I transformed back into my human self hiding my Water Crystal behind my knee in my sock covering my shin pad. Dezeray and Huck sat on the ice still in shock.
“So not only do we have to deal with demons, but Norse gods too?” Dezeray said as Patricia plopped down next to her.
“I honestly don’t know, but I don’t think we’ll have to worry about them anytime soon.” I said before police burst through the large metal door for the zamboni spreading out to secure the area. Medics followed in rushing to the aid of the referee who flew through the glass when Hel first emerged. Unfortunately he did not make it. Dt. Printer entered last. His sunglasses dark as Hel’s staff blocked all view of his eyes. Lifting them up into his blond hair he pushed his hands over his face rubbing his light blue eyes.
“Why am I not surprised to see you all in the middle of this?”
“That is a good question.” Huck smiled up at the detective patting me on the shoulder, “Captain?”
Staring down into the crater that was filling up with melted ice, I looked up at Dt. Printer and said, “Do you know anything about Norse mythology?”


I love to write. I've always had a strong imagination and my mind never stops creating scenes that I want to share. I am new to writing so feedback is great and comments are appreciated, plus any tips. I live in a small town in Tennessee but for only a year. I lived on Long Island most of my life.

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