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One Page at a Time: The Cellar Door, Page 6

This is a collaborative story in which you write the next page of the story. It is currently unedited, so please forgive any errors. Fill out the form below and I’ll publish the best response.  Jump to newest page Page

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Book 1: Chapter 1

Originally posted on Chronicles of Tairne:
[Wherein Lord Shoban of Tairne fights his yearly war.] The eyes, two sharp points of life encased in dead metal, stared back at him. The eyes disappeared. Gareth saw only the eagle now, wings…

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Section 1: We Have a Visitor – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Jaded Pearl

Originally posted on My First Fantasy Novel:
Dark Valley by: YosemiteMan Chapter 1: The Jaded Pearl   Darowyn stared out into the stormy night, sheltered by the cave of the Stoneclaw Mountains. The hefty dwarf sat on a flat rock…

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Bitter Sun

by elie Hi, I am Elie Attie, and I was born in Lebanon. I have always been interested in reading, and writing… [Editor’s note: I’d like to thank Elie for submitting this story. Despite having some problems with formatting, I

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by Daniel Eavenson Warren Fox sat behind the monitor of his computer, relaxing. In his hand, a piping mug of coffee gave off a waft of steam as he put it down into the beverage receptacle of his chair. He looked

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7 Days

by Daniel Eavenson It was dark. Joe wasn’t expecting to wake up in darkness. He had a timing circuit put in, so the lights would wake him up in the morning. He rubbed a hand down his face, confirming he was

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Through the Lenses of Reality

Through the Lenses of Reality

“All we wanted to do was unshackle the world! No, no, that was a poor choice of openings, wasn’t it? I’m terribly sorry; if I’m going to tell you this story, the least I can do is present it to

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Water Demon meets Norse Mythology

this is just a short story I wrote. I love Norse mythology and decided to have my character meet some characters from Norse myths. The roaring crowd echoed throughout the concave roof of the hockey rink, filling in the glassed

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