Just a few updates

1. We are posting and reblogging any anthology submissions that people want to share. You can read them at Foil & Phaser under the “Renegade Anthology” tag in the menu bar. We already have half-a-dozen up on the site. If you want to share yours, you can send still send them in.

2. We’ve had a successful first run of our peer-review writers workshop and are looking to expand. If you are a writer looking for feedback, consider signing up. Also, our collaborative story is coming to a close and should be ready in a few weeks, so it’s time to think about starting a new one.

3. We would like to start a beginners workshop for anyone who has never written anything before but would like to start, or not written for a long time but wants to get back into it. No experience needed, just a lot of enthusiasm. We’d need at least six people to sign up to make it worthwhile though. If you’re interested, please leave a comment.

4. We’re still looking for regular bloggers who would be able to post at least once per month. Topics can be anything relating to writing from book reviews to essays or even short pieces of fiction. If you’ve never blogged before but would like to try it, or if you already have a blog and want to increase your audience, why not become a member of the Foil & Phaser team.

5. If you have an idea about something you’d like to see on the blog, leave a comment below. It’s your blog too.

Thanks to everyone who helped out over the past three months. I hope the next three are just as much fun!

This is the home of the Foil & Phaser writers workshop, a spin-off community website for fans of the Sword & Laser book club and podcast who want to develop their writing skills.

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5 comments on “Just a few updates
  1. I’d like to give writing another try. I have a hard time finishing what I start.

  2. Katy says:

    I’m interested in the beginner’s workshop.

    • Katy says:

      Adding a question about this when you have time… how would the workshop be structured? For example, would we only be submitting our own material, or could we do some group exercises as well — writing prompts and things like that?

      Just to give you an idea of my own situation, I have several novel and short fiction ideas that are at various stages of development. They may not be ready for review for a little while (all depends on my freelance schedule, my daughter’s schedule, etc.). I work on my fiction projects a little each day but at times it’s slow going. I think I could benefit from sharing experiences with other writers and getting feedback, even if it’s just on prompts and exercises for now.

      • I haven’t worked out the particulars yet. At this point, I am merely gauging interest. I think participants in a beginners workshop would benefit more from exercises on writing fundamentals as opposed to peer criticism. I envisioned more of bi-weekly creative writing prompt concentrating on a particular aspect of writing for each session. For instance, you might be given a picture and asked to descibe it, or given a short piece and asked to edit it down. The results of each session would be shared with the group to help maximize the effectiveness of the workshop. The content would be adjusted to meet the needs of the group. The time commitment would only be a few hours a month.

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