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Antelin stirred the bubbling concoction in his giant cast iron pot.  The smells drifting away from the contents carried the magician to another time and place, to when he had first learned how to make the stamina potion.  From there, his mind wandered to the tasks of the day.  It was going to be truly busy.

After finishing the potion and drinking it down while still piping hot, for potency, he had to study the spells he would need to accomplish the rest of the day’s tasks.  Then he would venture out in search of the men who had insulted him the previous night.  His lip twisted into a vicious sneer as he remembered how they had ruined his peaceful evening, sipping wine in his favorite chair next to a roaring fire.

Since the owner of the establishment was one of Antelin’s closest friends he had decided not to exact…

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