Prologue – Cauldron Bubble, Comments Wanted

[As We Leave the Ordinary World – Hey folks, I’ve linked below to a prologue I’ve been working on for an urban fantasy novel I’m writing. I added the prologue late in the writing to clarify the novel’s climax and because I thought it was a neat scene. It’s ballooned to short-story length lately. In fact, it’s a few hundred words too long for the Sword & Laser Anthology guidelines. Anyway, I think most of the material is necessary, but I was hoping to get some fresh eyes on it. If you put your info in the form below or leave a comment, I’ll send you the password to the full post (as per Sean’s recommendation).
Thanks & looking forward to the comments. I’ve included a small sample below and the link to the protected post.]

William Hutchinson slid his blade across the wood one more time, shaving a last sliver from the carving. He gave the figure a final appraisal, rubbing smooth a rough patch with calloused fingers. The finished product resembled an ant, if God had seen fit to inflict upon the Earth an ant with legs like a centipede and mandibles larger than the rest of its body. He had had to weight the thorax heavily to balance the carving, but it rested lightly in his hand, the smooth wood glowing in the soft light of the street lamp. Perfect, he thought…

Prologue – Cauldron Bubble

James Hedrick is a PhD Candidate in Political Science living in Washington, DC. He spends his days writing about politics and his evenings writing about anything but. He will soon self-publish the first book in his urban fantasy series Hell Against Texas entitled "Cauldron Bubble."

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One comment on “Prologue – Cauldron Bubble, Comments Wanted
  1. misskzebra says:

    In the last sentence, instead of “He had had…” I think you should write “He’d had…”

    I think contractions are perfectly acceptable in that situation.

    I’ll take a look at the full post in a second.

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